Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get a quote for and/or book some tests?

We have a standard list of the most common tests that you can see the price of and book directly through our Tests Catalogue
We have some further capabilities that are not listed through the direct booking link. If you can't see the tests that you require in the list and/or have some special requirements, you can reach out to us at: 

What type of products do you work with?

We deal with a wide range of products involving mechanical / non-electrical and electrical / electronics components, devices or completely assembled equipment: anything from a simple enclosure requiring Ingress Protection (IP) rating, to complex autonomous robots intended for harsh EX environments. Whatever your sector, if you are developing products for the agri-tech, energy and renewables, industrial automation, consumer, or most other sectors where a hardware product is involved, we can typically help.
If you'd like to discuss your product and requirements, feel free to drop us a line at: (please provide as much detail as you can, so that we can make an informed assessment)

Can you provide test report(s)?

We can provide either:

  • a test report signed by the test engineer who performed the test and confirming the standard that the test was done in accordance with and that the test equipment is calibrated, although note that as we are not a UKAS accredited laboratory the test report will not be an accredited test report;
  • a pre-populated test report template with the results of the test(s), which you can then edit and sign yourself or have signed by the professional of your choice
  • in case no test report is chosen, we will send a summary of the test results (e.g. PASS / FAIL, or measured value(s), as relevant for the specific test) via email to the email address provided when the order is placed.

Note that in either case, we accept no liability for the results of the tests and/or the content of the report(s).


Is self-certification enough for ATEX/UKEX certification?

For products intended for explosive atmospheres (i.e. typically situations whereby an explosive gas or high concentrations of dust are present), it is usually best practice to have a test report produced by an EX notified body for ATEX/UKEX certification. Depending on the rating of the explosive zone that the product is intended for, self-certification may technically be enough or not (e.g. for dust zones 22 self-certification can meet the formal requirements of the ATEX/UKEX directives, but for dust zones 21 and 20 a suitable report from an appropriate notified body is required) - in cases where an accredited test report is required, we can still help save time and money via pre-compliance testing.

I am not sure what tests I need for my product: can you help?

Depending on the type of product, we may be able to put together a suggested list of standard tests required and/or provide engineering design advice to help comply with those: our team's time for this type of additional support is very limited though, so for this we have to apply market rates and tend to prioritise requests for situations where others can't help: e.g. if you are aiming for ATEX/UKEX compliance (i.e. ensuring that the product is explosion proof and can be used in explosive atmospheres) and can't access the expertise for this elsewhere. 
To request a quote for this type of service you can reach out to us at: 

How is the lead time calculated?

The lead time is calculated from the date on which we have received all of the following:

  • The item(s) due for testing
  • Full payment
  • Complete order details
  • All eventual Crover testing Services team's questions answered

Do you provide bulk discounts for multiple items being tested at once?

Depending on the type of test(s) and size of test samples, discounts for multiple samples / products to be tested within the same order may be available. If you are looking to have multiple samples / products tested at the same time, please email the specific details of the tests that you are looking for along with the dimensions of each sample / product that you are looking to have tested at: 

Do I need to be present for the test?

No. When booking a test with us you can simply post or hand deliver the product to us in advance of the testing. No refunds can be provided in situations where items due for testing do not reach us.
If you have a special requirement to be present during testing, please let us know at and we can try to arrange for this, although we do not guarantee that this will be possible due to site restrictions.
You are then responsible for arranging the collection of the items after testing within 5 working days after test completion.
The address for deliveries and collections is:
Crover Ltd
The National Robotarium
Boundary Road North, Third Gait
Edinburgh, EH14 4AS